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Quality content and hard work are not enough to succeed on LinkedIn. You have to be a good neighbor too! 

Nick Thickett (host of the B2B Power Hour) joins Chris for a conversation about how to grow your network and make sales on LinkedIn using strategic commenting.

Lydia Allen never planned to have an audience of one million, but TikTok is funny that way!

She and Chris discuss entrepreneurship, accessibility, and the emotional tolls of creating content for business.

Julian Mather (author, Press the Red Button) made his career traveling the world as a videographer for National Geographic, the BBC, and ABCTV. But these days? He uses an iPhone 7.

He and Chris have a discussion about how to create professional video content with minimal equipment.

Will Aitken (Sales Feed) is a hilarious content creator on LinkedIn and TikTok. He and Chris have a conversation about their biggest mistakes and how to get started making video content.

Gen Z understands content creation and TikTok better than anyone else. Unfortunately their bosses and teachers confine them to outdated processes that don’t utilize their skills.

Mateo Elvira joins Chris for a conversation about how Gen Z is harnessing the power and video to become creative powerhouses.

Emmy Award-winning writer and comedian Joe Janes trained Chris Bogue at the Second City. They reunite for a conversation about improv, sketch comedy, and why companies should hire improvisers to help them create TikTok content.

Chella Diaz and Chris discuss monetizing creativity and how to increase your prices.

Vagueman makes a guest appearance to pitch Chris’s services.

The biggest video trap for sales teams is focusing solely on cold outreach.

Sean Adams (iorad) and Chris Bogue discuss techniques for to use video to accelerate the deals you already have in your pipeline.

They share their top-performing tips and Boss Bogue shows up to heckle sales leaders about their Vidyard skills.

Hilarious TikTok videos. Content creators want them, but how the heck do people do them all the time? 

Todd Clouser (Refine Labs) and Chris Bogue discuss TikTok and LinkedIn, and the two do an improv set together as Boss Bogue and ya boi Tucker.

How do top sales reps use video to prospect and close deals? Frankly, most don’t. They lack the confidence, discipline, and structure to get on video regularly.

James Buckley of JB Sales coaches world class sellers how to sell on camera with confidence and fun! He joins Chris to discuss video and the emerging voices who are changing the way sales is done.

Aussie TikTok star and voice coach Sally Prosser is famous for her professional speaking tips. In part because she’s a trained journalist, but also because she’s so darn fun!  

In this episode, Sally and Chris Bogue discuss breaking through mental barriers and finding your people. They discuss TikTok, Imposter Syndrome, and Corporate Bro.

Julie Hansen (author, Look Me in the Eye) literally wrote the book on eye contact!

She and Chris share their secrets for confident eye contact on video.

Andy Warhol predicted we would all get 15 minutes of fame. What an idiot! 60 seconds is more than plenty.

Chris Van Praag joins Chris Bogue for a conversation about leveraging pop culture in business to connect with new audiences through the power of nostalgia.

Tyler Lessard (Vidyard) joins Chris for a conversation about the newest trends in video and why content creation is the new sales secret weapon.

Hubspot’s Max Cohen joins Chris for a conversation about weird-ass business content and why LinkedIn and TikTok love it.

They discuss the how to create effective video content on the fly and how to use it to increase sales.

Captions for Everyone with Meryl Evans and Viktor Köves

Meryl Evans (deaf author and speaker) and Viktor Köves (front-end engineer and accessibility specialist) join Chris for a discussion about why accessibility is good for business and how to create quality captions!