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Own Your Performance on Camera

I’m Chris Bogue.
I coach people to get on camera. Getting on video changed my life. For years I spent performing on stages and on camera, but I always kept it hidden away from my business life. Then COVID happened.

I was selling education technology to universities when suddenly everything changed. Education was disrupted forever, as was tech sales. Now everyone in business needs on-camera skills. I’ve coached people of all walks of life to succeed on camera. Once you can own your image and monetize your talents.

photo: joe mazza, brave lux

Hi, I’m Chris Bogue. 

I coach mercifully short video content creation for sales and marketing.


Because life is a performance.

Video lasts forever which is why you must show up as the best version of yourself to succeed.

I became a coach because I am sick of watching brilliant people hold back their talents.

You don’t have to be everything to everyone. You have to be true to yourself.

You’re a performer

While others sit back and let social media think for them, you have things you need to say.

A performer doesn’t ask “can’t AI do it for me.

It’s not about trying to please everyone. Play to the audience you want.

In a world of fake communication, you strive for real human connections.

Whether you’re a solo act or a member of a team, act well your part. You do you work with pride and style.

Whatever you do in life, own it.

Play to the top of your intelligence.